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Eating Disorders

Eating DisordersSome basic facts

The stakes can’t be higher than for the eating disordered patient. Eating disorders are the most lethal mental illness there is – more people die from eating disorders than from depression and schizophrenia, and the relapse rate for those who survive and receive treatment is anywhere from 50-70%. It’s also one of the few illnesses where patient will consciously lie and try to deceive their therapist. These facts make treating anorexia, bulimia, and compulsive over eating a huge challenge.

Eating Disorder Therapy

We at the Friedman Psychology Group feel that the best way to create lasting change is by helping our patients get to the root causes of their difficulties, rather than merely treating the symptoms. We look for the unconscious impulses that contribute and help create the eating disorder in order to eliminate the need for eating and body image to play such an unhealthy role in the patients life. We believe in a team approach to treatment where clinically indicated and have long lasting and successful relationships with the best and most eating disorder- experienced nutritionists, internists, and psychiatrists. These relationships are built on years of trust and facilitate open communication between all team members. Also, depending on the age and living situation of the patient we use family therapy to help in eating disorder treatment. We feel strongly that an educated and prepared family can be vital to create long lasting change.

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So if you or someone you care about are concerned about the possibility of having an eating disorder, or if other forms of outpatient treatment haven’t been successful, please contact Dr Friedman at 561-699-3915. It may be a life saving phone call.

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