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Bulimia Nervosa is an eating disorder marked by out of control eating followed by some form of purging. It typically accompanies a pathological fear of weight gain leading to food restriction, followed by the need to gorge in response to extreme hunger. The excessive caloric intake leads to the perceived need to purge. With bulimia, eating becomes disregulated and feels out of control.


People who suffer from bulimia will binge eat in response to some stressors. Binging usually involves eating large quantities of food but is always accompanied by a dissociative feeling. A major factor leading to a binge is the restriction of food. When the bulimic restricts it is sure to lead to an eventual binge.


Detecting bulimia can be quite difficult due to the fact that, unlike anorexia, the bulimic patient is usually at a “healthy” weight. Symptoms of bulimia may include the abuse of laxatives, diuretics, and/or diet pills, all of which are a form of purging. Another very common form of bulimia is compulsive and excessive exercising, which is also commonly known as an activity disorder.

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